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David Stove, Philosopher Extraordinaire

From: Tadit Anderson, organizer / entrepreneur / writer, Columbus, Ohio USA 03 November 2000
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Through happenstance, as much as anything else, I've come across the writings of David Stove. He has been described as 'conservative' and as a curmudgeon, though I would describe him as a relentless essayist/critic of emperors and sacred cows.

I would also describe him as advocate of a 'radical middle' sort of perspective, in fact so much so that his writings are commonly deemed unprofitable or untrendy enough to be avoided by most publishers.

In the recent anthology of David Stove's writings edited by Roger Kimball and entitled 'Against the Idols of the Age' (Transaction Publishers), Kimball relates that many publishers simply refused to consider publishing it. One stated that 'though the material is really well written and provocative,... Stove simply gores too many oxen on too many subjects... for us to make a go of the project."

I'm working on a series of articles extending some of Stove's insights. I recommend him to any of you who might enjoy a less current-events-oriented version of a radical middle perspective/philosophy than can be found in Radical Middle Newsletter.

Stove's books include 'Popper and After,' 'The Plato Cult,' and 'The Rationality of Induction.' Anyone interested in engaging further to discuss rather than to dismiss David Stove's writings can contact me via ''. Thanks!

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