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"Mark's [work] is refreshingly short on political philosophizing and long on real ideas, programs and organizations you can support."
-- Jay Dean, The Radical Centrist weblog, February 23, 2005

Over 250 Great Radical Centrist
Groups and Organizations

Welcome to our list of national “radical centrist” or “post-partisan” or “creative centrist” or "transpartisan" groups and organizations! (By those terms we mean groups that are wise enough to learn from all political perspectives . . . and bold enough to use those learnings to address our problems in creative new ways.)

The list was created in the fall of 2009, and draws on all 11 years' worth of our articles.

To make this as rich as possible for you,

-- the names of the groups are linked to their websites;

-- following the names, we indicate where the groups are referred to in our book, Mark Satin, Radical Middle: The Politics We Need Now, Basic Books, 2004 (“Satin”);

-- then we link you to one or two articles where the groups are featured, discussed, or mentioned on this website.

To make browsing maximally efficient for you, we’ve arranged the groups into seven categories, as follows:

  1. World Order
  2. Business and Economics
  3. Energy and Environment
  4. Health and Health Care
  5. Education and Youth
  6. Society and Futures
  7. Politics and Process

So, enjoy your browsing. And don’t forget to become involved in some of these groups!



American Society of International Law, Satin p. 192, mentioned HERE

Amnesty International USA, mentioned HERE

Ashoka, Satin p. xii, discussed HERE

Campaign for U.N. Reform, now Citizens for Global Solutions, Satin p. 159, mentioned HERE and HERE

Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict, discussed HERE

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, mentioned HERE

Carr Center for Human Rights Policy (Michael Ignatieff & Samantha Power), Satin pp. 154, 159, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Carter Center, Satin p. 172

Center for Global Development, mentioned HERE

Center for the Study of Peace and Conflict (Thomas Homer-Dixon), now Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, discussed HERE

Club of Madrid, mentioned HERE

Commission on Global Governance, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Crabgrass USA (Fran Peavey), mentioned HERE

Culture Matters (Lawrence Harrison), now Cultural Change Institute, discussed HERE

Doctors Without Borders, Satin p. 195, discussed HERE

Earth Charter Initiative, discussed HERE

EarthAction, discussed HERE

Educate Girls Globally (Lawry Chickering), mentioned HERE and HERE

Fund for Peace, Satin pp. 151, 159, 207

Geneva Initiative, aka Geneva Accord, mentioned HERE

Global Action to Prevent War and Armed Conflict, discussed HERE

Global Citizen Journey, mentioned HERE

Global Governance Initiative, mentioned HERE

Global Negotiation Project, now Global Negotiation, mentioned HERE

Human Rights Watch, mentioned HERE

Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy, mentioned HERE

InterAction, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Inter-American Foundation, mentioned HERE

International Crisis Group, now Crisis Group, featured HERE

Jewish Futures Network, mentioned HERE

Microcredit Summit Campaign, Satin p. 172

Millennium Forum, discussed HERE

National Endowment for Democracy, Satin p. 24, mentioned HERE and HERE

One World Trust, discussed HERE

Oxfam International, Satin pp. 138, 140, 147

Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping, Satin p. 159, mentioned HERE

Program on International Policy Attitudes, Satin p. 153, mentioned HERE

Refugees International, Satin p. 195

Responsibility to Protect, mentioned HERE

Search for Common Ground, Satin pp. 151, 168, 172, 207, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Seeds of Peace, mentioned HERE and HERE

Third Side Website (William Ury), Satin pp. 19, 104

Transparency International, Satin p. 147

United Nations, featured HERE, discussed HERE

United Nations Association of the U.S.A., Satin p. 159

United Nations Development Programme, Satin pp. 117, 123, 169-70, 171

United Nations Global Compact, Satin p. 147

United Nations Millennium Project, mentioned HERE

United Nations Vision Project on Global Public Policy Networks, now Global Public Policy Institute, mentioned HERE

United States Institute of Peace, mentioned HERE

Woodrow Wilson International Center, Satin pp. 153, 159, mentioned HERE

World Affairs Councils of America, mentioned HERE

World Commission on Dams, mentioned HERE

World History Association, mentioned HERE



Association for Quality and Participation, now Team and Workplace Excellence Forum, Satin p. 113

Bridging the Gap (John Renesch), mentioned HERE

Campaign Against Workplace Bullying, now Workplace Bullying Network, discussed HERE

Center for Corporate Citizenship, Satin p. 113

Center for Social Development (Michael Sherraden), Satin p. 99, discussed HERE

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, mentioned HERE

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, mentioned HERE

Committee for Economic Development, mentioned HERE and HERE

Concord Coalition, mentioned HERE and HERE

Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (Daniel Goleman), Satin pp. 109, 113, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE and HERE

Co-op America, now Green America (sigh), Satin pp. 65, 207

Corporation for Enterprise Development, Satin pp. 99, mentioned HERE

Corporation 20/20, mentioned HERE

Creative Class (Richard Florida), Satin pp. 16, 19

Earth Rights Institute (Alanna Hartzok), mentioned HERE

Ethical Markets (Hazel Henderson), mentioned HERE

Friends of the Commons, now On the Commons, mentioned HERE

Global Business Network (James Ogilvy & Peter Schwartz), Satin pp. 108, 113, featured HERE, discussed HERE

Institute for International Economics, now Peterson Institute for International Economics, Satin p. 147, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

JimCollins.com, Satin pp. 108-09, 113, discussed HERE

Joint Center for Poverty Research (Roberta Blank), discussed HERE

Levy Economics Institute, discussed HERE

Microcredit Summit Campaign (Muhammad Yunus), mentioned HERE

National Foreign Trade Council, mentioned HERE

National Jobs for All Coalition, Satin pp. 24, 93, 99, discussed HERE

National Taxpayers Union, featured HERE

Natural Capitalism, featured HERE

New Workplace Institute (David Yamada), discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

NEXT Industrial Revolution (William McDonough), featured HERE

Organization Development Network, mentioned HERE

Patient Capital Management, mentioned HERE

Tom Peters!, Satin p. 113

Polarity Management Associates, mentioned HERE

Rocky Mountain Institute, featured HERE

SARKADY alignment transformation renewal, mentioned HERE and HERE

Section on Socio-Economics (of Association of American Law Schools), featured HERE

Society for Organizational Learning (Peter Senge), Satin pp. 107-08, 113, mentioned HERE and HERE

Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, Satin p. 99, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Stakeholder Alliance (Ralph Estes), discussed HERE

Tax Policy Center, mentioned HERE

Tomales Bay Institute, now On the Commons, mentioned HERE

Trillium Asset Management, Satin p. 207

United States Basic Income Guarantee Network (Karl Widerquist), mentioned HERE

USA*ENGAGE, mentioned HERE

Women’s World Banking, mentioned HERE



Alliance to Save Energy, Satin p. 65, mentioned HERE

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, mentioned HERE

American Council on Renewable Energy, Satin p. 65

American Nuclear Society, mentioned HERE

American Wind Energy Association, described HERE

Breakthrough Institute, discussed HERE

Breakthrough Technologies Institute, now Fuel Cells 2000, mentioned HERE

Center for Energy and Climate Solutions, now Energy and Climate Solutions, mentioned HERE

Center for Livable Communities, now AIA Communities by Design, mentioned HERE

Dynamist.com (Virginia Postrel), discussed HERE

Earth Rights Institute (Alanna Hartzok), Satin p. 207, mentioned HERE

Electric Power Research Institute, Satin p. 65

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands [clean fossil fuels], Satin p. 65

Environmental Defense, Satin p. xi, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Greenpeace USA, mentioned HERE

Institute of Transportation Studies, mentioned HERE

International Food Policy Research Institute, Satin p. 124

National Commission on Energy Policy, Satin p. 65, mentioned HERE

National Energy Policy Initiative, Satin p. 65

National Hydrogen Association, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Satin p. 65

National Trust for Historic Preservation, featured HERE

Nuclear Control Institute, mentioned HERE

Nuclear Energy Institute, mentioned HERE

Project for Public Spaces (Roberta Gratz), discussed HERE

Resources for the Future, mentioned HERE

Tellus Institute for a Great Transition, Satin p. 164, mentioned HERE

World Wildlife Fund, mentioned HERE

Worldwatch Institute, Satin p. 171, mentioned HERE and HERE

Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy (Daniel Esty), mentioned HERE and HERE



American Academy of Pediatrics, discussed HERE

American Medical Student Association, Satin p. 185

American Public Health Association, Satin pp. 46, 93, mentioned HERE

Center for Health Transformation, Satin p. 46

Center for Science in the Public Interest [food policy], Satin p. 124, mentioned HERE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discussed HERE

Complementary and Alternative Medical Program, mentioned HERE

Global Health Council, Satin p. 172

Institute of Medicine, discussed HERE

International Healthy Cities Foundation, mentioned HERE

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Satin p. 42, discussed HERE

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, discussed HERE

Partnership for Prevention, Satin pp. 44, 46, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Physicians for a National Health Program, mentioned HERE

United States Preventive Services Task Force, discussed HERE

White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy, discussed HERE



America’s Promise Alliance (Colin & Alma Powell), mentioned HERE

Basic Education Coalition, Satin p. 172

Better Baby Care Campaign, mentioned HERE

Center for the Fourth and Fifth Rs, discussed HERE

Character Education Partnership, discussed HERE

Children's Defense Fund, Satin pp. 193-94, featured HERE

Coaches Training Institute, discussed HERE

Collaborative to Advance Social and Emotional Learning, now Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning, discussed HERE

Committee for Children, mentioned HERE

Educators for Social Responsibility, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Family Life Development Center (James Garbarino), discussed HERE and HERE

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, discussed HERE

First Five Association of California, mentioned HERE

Global Alliance for Transnational Education, now folded into the American Distance Education Consortium, discussed HERE

Inner Resilience Program (Linda Lantieri), discussed HERE and HERE

Mentoring USA, discussed HERE

National Association for Gifted Children, mentioned HERE

National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future, Satin pp. 79-80, discussed HERE

National Council on Teacher Quality, Satin p. 80

Parenting Project, now Prepare Tomorrow's Parents, mentioned HERE

Project IF: Inventing the Future, discussed HERE

Resolving Conflicts Creatively Program, discussed HERE

Rheedlen Centers for Children and Families (Geoffrey Canada), now Harlem Children's Zone, discussed HERE

CESNational (Theodore Sizer), discussed HERE

Third Millennium (Richard Thau), defunct, discussed HERE

Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Satin p. 80, discussed HERE

Trust for Early Education, mentioned HERE

Zero to Three, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE



American Association for the Advancement of Science, Satin p. 191, featured HERE, discussed HERE

Arlington Institute, mentioned HERE and HERE

Association of Professional Futurists, mentioned HERE

Breaking Ranks (Robert Fuller), featured HERE

Center for Bioethics, now Bioethics.net, Satin p. 124, mentioned HERE

Center for Court Innovation, Satin p. 55, discussed HERE and HERE

Center for Ethics and the Professions, now Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, featured HERE

Center for Human Emergence, mentioned HERE

Center for Strategic Futurist Thinking, mentioned HERE

Chicago Metropolis 2020, mentioned HERE

Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, mentioned HERE

Conversation Cafe, mentioned HERE

Cultural Creatives (Paul Ray & Sherry Anderson), discussed HERE

Dignitarian Foundation, mentioned HERE

Evangelicals for Social Action (Ron Sider), discussed HERE

EVOLVE (Barbara Marx Hubbard), mentioned HERE

Family Institute, mentioned HERE

Foresight and Governance Project, mentioned HERE

HALT: An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform, Satin p. 55, discussed HERE

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, mentioned HERE

Institute for Alternative Futures, Satin pp. 46, 65, 113, discussed HERE and HERE

Institute for Creative Development (Charles Johnston), mentioned HERE

Integral City (Marilyn Hamilton), mentioned HERE

Integral Institute (Ken Wilber), mentioned HERE and HERE

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, mentioned HERE

International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Satin p. 55, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Joseph Coates, Consulting Futurist, discussed HERE and HERE

Justice for Daniel Faulkner, discussed HERE

Lindesmith Center (Ethan Nadelmann), now Drug Policy Alliance, mentioned HERE

Middle Class Morality Project (Alan Wolfe & Maria Poarch), now Boisi Center for Religion and American Public Life, described HERE, mentioned HERE

Millennial Ethical Cosmopolitanism (Jason Hill), mentioned HERE

Millennials Rising (Neil Howe & William Strauss), now MillennialPolitics.com, Satin p. 31, mentioned HERE

National Academy of Sciences, discussed HERE

National Association of Social Workers, Satin p. 93

National Council of Churches USA, Satin p. 63, mentioned HERE

National Standards for History Project, now National Center for History in the Schools, discussed HERE

Neighborhoods USA, Satin p. 195

Pew Research Center [in-depth polling], Satin pp. 12, 153, 166-67, mentioned HERE

Prison Fellowship International, now Restorative Justice, Satin p. 55, discussed HERE

Public Agenda [in-depth polling], Satin pp. 12, 71, 73, mentioned HERE and HERE

Snyder Family Enterprise (Dave & Sue Snyder), discussed HERE

Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, mentioned HERE

Street Law Inc., Satin p. 49

Technorealism.Org, discussed HERE

Transforming Practices, no longer on Web (but see the very similar site Renaissance Lawyer Society), Satin p. 185, discussed HERE

UCLA Center for Society, the Individual and Genetics, now UCLA Center for Society and Genetics, Satin p. 124

Undoing Depression (Richard O’Connor), discussed HERE

Unity Blueprint for Immigration Reform, mentioned HERE

Warren Farrell Website, discussed HERE

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, mentioned HERE

World Future Society, Satin p. 192, featured HERE, discussed HERE and HERE

World History Association, discussed HERE

Y-Files (Cathy Young), discussed HERE



Alliance for Better Campaigns, now Campaign Legal Center, Satin pp. 205, 206

American Political Science Association, Satin p. 195, mentioned HERE

AmericaSpeaks, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Annenberg Public Policy Center, Satin p. 206, mentioned HERE

Ashland Constitution, mentioned HERE

Association for Conflict Resolution, Satin p. 55

Benton Foundation, mentioned HERE

Beyond Intractability Project, mentioned HERE

Bipartisan Policy Center, mentioned HERE

British Columbia Citizens' Assembly, now Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform, mentioned HERE

Brookings Institution, Satin pp. 134, 147, 184, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Bull Moose Republicans, defunct, discussed HERE

Campaign Finance Institute, Satin p. 206

Campaign Legal Center, mentioned HERE

Center for Dispute Settlement, mentioned HERE and HERE

Center for Media and Democracy, mentioned HERE

Center for Mediation in Law, mentioned HERE

Center for Responsive Politics (aka OpenSecrets.org), mentioned HERE

Center for Visionary Law, Business, and Public Policy (Radical Middle Newsletter's nonprofit sponsor)

Center for Visionary Leadership (Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson), mentioned HERE

Center for Voting and Democracy, now FairVote: The Way Democracy Will Be, Satin p. 206

Center for Wise Democracy, mentioned HERE

Center on Policy Attitudes, now part of Program on International Policy Attitudes, Satin pp. 12, 37, mentioned HERE

Centrist Coalition, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Centrists.org, mentioned HERE and HERE

Centrust Party, now Centrust Paradigm, mentioned HERE

Century Foundation, Satin p. 90, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Civic Practices Network (Carmen Sirianni & Lewis Friedland), discussed HERE

Co-intelligence Institute, mentioned HERE

Collaborative Law Center, now Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals, mentioned HERE

Communitarian Network (Amitai Etzioni), Satin pp. 90, 128, 132, 133, 164, 172, discussed HERE, mentioned HERE

Deliberative Democracy Consortium, mentioned HERE

Demos, mentioned HERE and HERE

Everyday Democracy, mentioned HERE

FairVote, mentioned HERE

Freedom House, Satin p. 200

Generon Consulting, now Reos Partners, mentioned HERE

Global Leadership Network, mentioned HERE

Green Committees of Correspondence, defunct, featured HERE

Independent Nation (John Avlon), featured HERE, mentioned HERE

Institute for Policy Integrity, mentioned HERE

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship / USA, discussed HERE

Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Satin p. 51, mentioned HERE and HERE

Liberty Coalition, mentioned HERE

Manhattan Institute, Satin p. 10

Matt Miller Online, Satin pp. 10, 45, 79, 98, 205, discussed HERE

Mediators Foundation, mentioned HERE

Naropa Authentic Leadership Program, mentioned HERE

National Association for Community Mediation, Satin p. 195

National Civic League, Satin p. 195

National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, mentioned HERE and HERE

National Committee for Voting Integrity, mentioned HERE

National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy, mentioned HERE

National Issues Forums Institute, mentioned HERE

National Popular Vote, mentioned HERE

NDN, formerly New Democrat Network, discussed HERE

New America Foundation, Satin pp. 38, 45, 46, 79, 89, 90, 96, 99, 128, 133, 141, 147, 184, featured HERE and HERE and HERE

New Democrat Coalition, mentioned HERE

New World Alliance, defunct, featured HERE, discussed HERE

Open Society Institute, Satin p. 172

Partnow Communications, mentioned HERE

PassageWays Institute, now PassageWorks Institute, mentioned HERE

Polarity Management Associates, mentioned HERE

Progressive Policy Institute, Satin pp. 46, 65, 79, 80, 134, 139, 147, 171, 184, discussed HERE and HERE

Project Vote Smart, Satin p. 206

Public Campaign, mentioned HERE and HERE

Public Conversations Project, Satin pp. 189, 195, mentioned HERE and HERE

Radical Centrism (Ernest Prabhakar), mentioned HERE

Republican Leadership Council (Christine Todd Whitman), featured HERE

RESULTS, Satin pp. 99, 172, 207, mentioned HERE and HERE

Reuniting America, originally Democracy in America Project, featured HERE and HERE

Rockwood Leadership Program, mentioned HERE

Section of Dispute Resolution (of American Bar Association), Satin p. 55

Spiral Dynamics Integral, featured HERE, mentioned HERE

Study Circles Resource Center, now Everyday Democracy, mentioned HERE

Synergos Strengthening Bridging Organizations Program, now Synergos Senior Fellows Network, mentioned HERE

Texas Forums, mentioned HERE

Third Culture (Anthony Giddens), Satin pp. 10, 98, 147, mentioned HERE

Third Way, mentioned HERE

Transpartisan Alliance, mentioned HERE

United States Consensus Council, no longer on Web (but see mediate.com article), mentioned HERE

Unity08, featured HERE

Vasconcellos Project, discussed HERE

Viewpoint Learning, mentioned HERE and HERE

Voices for National Service, discussed HERE

Walter Truett Anderson Website, Satin pp. 10, 63, 65, 123, 147, discussed HERE and HERE


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